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Yum Yum Siam is looking for a staff who can work with us in this cosmopolitan city TOKYO. Since our company is developing, you are the one who grow this company.


  • Our staffs consist of late 20's and early 50's, and 15 of Japanese and Thai. We take care of 3 Thai restaurants in Tokyo.We welcome any divesities, any gender, any ages as long as you can have same goal with us in workplace.
  • We have well skilled Thai Chefs and Japanese manager, and we will train you to be able to do restaurant works by yourself. So dont need to worry.
  • Good restaurant has a good team. In a good team, one can help the other, and all is in good harmony. We would like to work with one who can understand this idea.

Part-time Job

Waiter, Waitress, Kitchen helper

Hourly wage: 1,000yen~1,200yen (950yen undere training about first 100 hours)

  • Work places: Aoyama-1chome, Jimbocho, Ginza (Tokyo)
  • Transportation expenses paid less than 10,000yen per month (negotiable)
  • Students are welcome 
  • Your working shift depends on your life style. for example, 3 hours per day/ 3 days per week
  • Staff meals provided
  • Uniforms provided

Full-time Job

Chefs, Restaurant Mgr., Area Mgr.

Monthly wage: 250,000yen~320,000yen(depending on your skills and experiences)

  • holidays: promised 1.5 days per week, national holidays, about 5 days holidays during Japanese new year
  • 10 paid holidays provided after a year of working
  • Transportation expenses paid less than 15,000yen per month (negotiable)
  • Basic social insurance joined (Welfare pension, National health insurance, unemployment insurance) 
  • Bonus is paid if company gets enough profit, and you are valued well contributed to sales.
  • If you are a foreigner who needs working Visa, we can support you to get it.

Please feel free to call here about recruitment. English okey.